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I've heard differing variations throughout my life- work-from-home mom, part-time gig, freelance work, moonlighting, contract work, etc. But I think side hustle is the most popular term people prefer these days. And lots of us have visions of a side hustle....

But what's the allure? I immediately think about the big three: financial freedom, time freedom, and location freedom. Yet, for this community there's another one... creative freedom.

“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.” -Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man

What makes pursuing a side hustle even worth the risk of putting in all the extra time & effort with no guarantee of success? I mean, doing extra work in your spare time is the opposite of at least time freedom.

Yet, I have felt the entrepreneurial call several times in my life.

And they all have similar feelings that bubble up.

When I was a stay-at-home mom with young children, my days were filled with caring for their immediate needs. But in the quiet moments, while folding my 6th load of laundry for the week, exhausted from the monotony of chores, I wondered: Wasn't I made for more? Will my whole life be a revolving groundhogs day of laundry and dishes? I miss being creative. I miss feeling like me. Are there ways I could lighten the financial burden for my family? (I ended up volunteering my time at church which did help me get some adult conversations and be able to mentor some young girls but didn't help us financially- in fact, had the opposite effect. whoops.)

When I was homeschooling my sons, my mornings were filled with lessons and chores but the afternoons they were able to work alone or do what they wanted if they were done. So the same type of feelings crept in: What can I do to help the family financially while still being home to care for them? I need a creative outlet. Something that is for me. (note: I started & stopped my first etsy shop during this season- there's a post about this here.)

Then as my sons were nearing completion of school, I felt the same ache: Huh, I have a lot more free time where they don't need me. What will be my act 2, my purpose? I loved selling my designs, maybe I'll create another shop. This time I will absolutely be able to provide extra money for my family. (2nd Etsy shop started, with lessons from the first, that has led me here.)

I want to pause here and reflect on how we assign our worth based on our accomplishments. This is a huge flaw of the story we tell ourselves in our society.

"You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you." -Song of Solomon 4:7

Stop listening to that inner voice that says you need to provide anything to have value. You are exactly where you are supposed to be, doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing. One thing I will add to this for those moms still in the thick of it- it is worth it. I wouldn't trade my time with my sons for anything. I heard people tell me to soak it all in because it goes fast, and I did. I showed up for them and those years will for. my. whole. life., no matter what else comes, be the best part.

What I didn't see as I was going through each stage was that I was building a foundation. I was learning so much. I gained such valuable insight with each step and misstep. And they led me to success with a side hustle that isn't draining me physically or mentally.

And now that has led me to a bigger dream to be able to help others in similar places; to avoid some of the same mistakes I made and grow faster than I did. And realize their dream of providing grocery money, or a mortgage payment, or fund a family vacation, or even to provide so much to be able to let your spouse retire.

“There is freedom waiting for you, On the breezes of the sky, And you ask "What if I fall?" "Oh but my darling, what if you fly?”
-Erin Hanson

I have another post coming soon that will share details of my plans to bring my newest big dream to life. 'Cause that's what happens when you succeed~ you have to find bigger dreams. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy whatever stage you're in~ you're right where you're supposed to be.

Warmest regards,


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