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We all have days where words come out clunky, designs fall flat, and creativity seems elusive. Those days can become weeks and weeks can become months when we go through rough patches or busy times in our lives. Getting back to something that inspires us can reignite our passion and propel us forward.

Nature has always been my biggest inspiration.

The wildflowers, the mountains, the waters, the trees, I love them all.

There is nothing new under the sun. -Eccliastes 1:9

The Bible says there is nothing new under the sun, which I find encouraging. Nothing we create is new, just new to us and how we see it. It gives us freedom to use what we see and experience to guide our vision for a new project. As artists, we naturally draw inspiration from the world around us. Some artists live in concrete jungles so their art imitates elements found there. Like you've heard before, art mimics life.

When I was coming out of a creative dry spell of my own, a simple & sweet gesture from my husband was exactly the inspiration I needed. He picked some wildflowers for me from behind our house.

It was just what I needed to bring me back to a creative space. The drawing of them even ended up being the flowers in our logo.

If you scrolled the photo feed on my phone, you'd see it is filled with plants I came across while living life (well, that, and my dog.) But I tend to gather and store inspiration as I'm able and refer back to it when I'm working on a project.

I heard another artist recently say that they were afraid to share their work publicly for fear of it being stolen. It made me feel sad. The rest of us will miss the opportunity to see the beauty that they created. I've always found that generosity is more fulfilling than scarcity. Yes, someone could knock off your work. But I also find joy in that. They liked what you did enough to try to make their own version of it.

As I work on new projects, I'll bring you along with me so you can see more of the process and thoughts that helped develop them. I always hope that my designs bring something special and unique to something that is already wonderful so I'm not afraid to share the inspiration with you so you can create your own art. And if you find yourself stuck, try taking a walk- being in nature has never failed to inspire me.

Warmest regards,


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