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Celebrate your special someone's milestone with a touch of humor and a dash of cheekiness with our anniversary card! Perfect for couples who thrive on playful banter and inside jokes, this card adds a lighthearted twist to commemorating years of togetherness. So go ahead, surprise your partner with a card that's as unforgettable as your journey together.


It's as simple as print. cut. fold. 


You will receive a zip file with (2) pdfs immediately after purchase. One says "happy anniversary" on the inside and the other says "happy birthday" If you want the inside left blank for your personal message, just print the first page only. Enjoy spreading smiles and laughter with your customized retirement card!

Funny Anniversary or Birthday Card

  • Instructions for Printing Your PDF:

    1. Download the PDF file to your computer or device.
    2. Open the PDF using a PDF viewer or reader software.
    3. Ensure your printer is connected and turned on.
    4. Select the 'Print' option from the menu or toolbar.
    5. In the print settings, choose 'Actual Size' or '100% Scale' to maintain the card's original dimensions.
    6. Select the appropriate paper size and orientation.
    7. For the best results, we recommend printing on 80lb or higher cardstock.
    8. Load the cardstock into your printer's paper tray.
    9. Adjust any additional settings such as print quality (we use "best") or color options according to your preferences.
    10. Click 'Print' to start printing your funny retirement card.
    11. Once printed, cut along designated cut lines.
    12. Then fold the card along the designated crease lines.
    13. Personalize the inside with your heartfelt message and present your thoughtful and humorous card to the lucky retiree!

    Enjoy spreading smiles and laughter with your customized retirement card!

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